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Men's Wear

        Textile and clothing sector is one of the oldest industries in India. The Indian textile industry is estimated at around 108 billion dollar. The industry also employs over 45 million people directly to 60 million people indirectly. We have a wide range of trousers in multiple stylish designs. With an arsenal of our brand which provides unparalleled options in men’s trousers, we will cater to all your needs be it busy office days or weekends, dates or parties. You will find trousers in various patterns, fits, colors and designs, making them a must have in your wardrobe.

Product Offered

  • Full Sleeves Shirts

  • Half Sleeves Shirts

  • Round neck T-shirts

  • Shaded jeans

  • Lycra pants

  • Lycra T-shirts

  • Double Twill Fabric Shirts

  • SweatShirt / Hoodie

  • 100% Cotton Shirts

  • Dry Fits

  • Heavy Designer jeans

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Denim Jeans
Image by Maude Frédérique Lavoie
Denim Jacket
Peach button-up shirt

Women's Wear

     Growing influence of social media and celebrities is driving the manufacturers to continuously introduce new designs and styles. Furthermore, brands have been dedicating endeavors to expand their consumer base. The global women wear market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% from 2019 to 2025 to reach USD 1,913.9 billion by 2025.Evolution of global trends, demands are increasing day by day across the globe. We have come up with some unique designs for women who love to be comfortable.


Products Offered

  • Women Solid Ribbed Top

  • Twisted Crop Top

  • Printed T-shirts

  • Flutter Sleeves

  • Embroidered Top

  • Polo Collar T-shirts

  • Cotton Shorts

  • Trousers

  • Camouflage Print Cropped T-shirt

  • Printed Hoodie

  • Tie-up Fitted Top

  • Cotton Oversized Top

  • T-shirt & Pyjama Nightsuit

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